18 Oct 2002

i'm a weblog engine slut ..

i've gone from my own homemade weblogging engine (only known by the name weightgain2000) to geeklog to postnuke to now drupal. My journey has been one of a sine wave. Starting first from 0 (eg, my home-made engine), to 1 being geeklog, and then straight down to -1 with postnuke and now back up to 1 with drupal (i hope.)

this engine is pretty promising, got some pretty exciting features that i like such as distributed authentication! you can login to this site without needing to register, all you need is an account with say yahoo or jabber or drupal.org or drop.org, and you can login. isn't that cool?

anyway - this is a first post which is supposed to test this damn thing. lets see how it goes :)

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