21 Oct 2002

sigh ... presentations !?

well, earlier today i did a presentation at this reading club thing that all the people at the lab (oh, my pic isn't in there yet because i'm working on the new site for LCE with alastair [yes another alastair!]). well, it wasn't as bad as i thought, but it still didn't go very well. sigh, i suck at presenting stuff.

the worst thing is that there is a so-called psuedo-random draw for the next people to present the following week, and i got chosen again for next week. obviously randomness doesn't favour me. that reminds me of the dilbert comic where the troll keeps on saying 7 7 7 7 .. and then the accounting troll says "thats our random number generator", and then dilbert says "its not very random is it?" the accounting troll then says "well, thats the problem with randomness, you can never tell."

hehehe .. sorry - you'll only get it if you do computing or maths :) i wonder if gordon would read my stupid rants. hahaha

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