22 Oct 2002

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man - i'm actually really happy with drupal. its extremely modular and smartly designed. no over-use of OO and has a pretty neat little community. i think i'm going to be sticking with this for a while, really interested in developing some modules and hacking into the code. i'm already trying to fix up some bugs in the CVS that i've encountered. the code is so modular that its not even difficult to run the site using the latest CVS version.

improvements that i'm going to work on are
  • a new currency convertor, the current on in the menu is just too complicated, how many times do i need to convert between the Angolian New Kwanza and the Yemenese Rial ? i'm just going to make one that converts quickly between 2 designated currencies. and that isn't poorly written - that code is very different from the stuff in the core of drupal.
  • a world time indicator, maybe living in a block with a couple of timezones, and maybe tell you when the next Daylight Saving Transition is due.
  • hack on the image gallery stuff so that i have something usable for large pics that don't die with my theme. maybe dynamic resizing or just opening it in a new window.
  • hack a bit on the smileys plugin, i wanna grab some smileys from alternative sources.
  • mod the news feeds stuff to include possibly an icon indicating the source of the feed.
but right now, i'm just too sleepy!

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