23 Oct 2002

accessibility and css and microsoft

well, i was recently impressed by wired news turning the tables on standards compliance. they (and also a large part ot lycos) have completely redesigned the website to completely use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and no tables at all. so the site should theoretically work well on any browser that supports CSS, and more importantly, any device that has a web browser such as PDAs and Nokia 9210 and 7650s which all have web browsers built in.

i'm going to do that to my site today, cause i really want to screw all those who continue to use a rubbish browser like netscape 4.xx. on that topic, you can check out relative font sizing howto which shows some cool ways of doing psuedo-browser detection with CSS by exploiting bugs in their implementation :) really dodgy hack indeed. but i'd rather do browser detection under php and dynamically generate the CSS.

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