26 Oct 2002

full css upgrade complete

if you are reading this now, you should see that my website is now fully CSS2 and XHTML compliant. i havent used any tables (except for the hardcoded table for the calender, i should patch that plugin.)

if you are using an older browser that doesn't support CSS2, you will see a very crap version of this page. this is totally normal because you REALLY need to upgrade your browser. i've been able to hack my page to look decent on IE6, but opera and konquerer users will need to wait a little longer (if there are any of those.) i also should test me website on a mac using browsers like iCab and etc. but it all looks good now. fonts are not hardcoded anymore, if you resize them in your preferences, they should get resized as well.

let me know if there are any problems wit the page after the upgrade. i know that the page elements might need some tweaking.

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