27 Oct 2002

mandrake and php bizzareness

well, this webpage you are reading is currently served off a mandrake 8.1 box which has been partially upgraded to 8.2 to run a number of new packages. in short, it is fucked up! why?

well, firstly, php 4.1.2 (and possibly above) compiled using --with-regex=system is fucked. debian knows it and there are reports in the bugs. so why the hell is mandrake using it? anyway, so i zero-ed in on the problem because i found that the RSS parser in drupal wasn't working with a couple of feeds for mysterious reasons - ended up it was a problem with the regex. anyway i searched high and low for the source RPM but couldn't find it anywhere, even on mandrakes non-existant ftp site. i eventually found it on mlug.org. so i tried to recompile it, and it came up with "internal error!". a compiler error. so fucked up mandrake distro never bothered to release a bugfxi update for 8.1 to upgrade their broken gcc compiler. anyway - i upgraded it to the 8.2 compiler and it FINALLY worked.

now the regex bug is fixed, but not after wasting a couple hours of my time. thanks mandrake! (not!)

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