02 Nov 2002

royal mail is so gay!

i'm pissed off, well, i was pissed off 6 hours ago. today it was raining, pretty little at first, but got pretty bad in the afternoon (eg. when it counted.) anyway, teresa sent me a parcel last week and still havent got it yet. the piece of shit mail service known as Royal Mail (or their lame commercial name - Consignia) must of fucked up somewhere and lost it. even a letter from HSBC took about 4 days to reach me, and on the leter, apparently their spastic post man delivered it to the wrong address (even though it was VERY clearly typed out on the envelope.)

anyway, thats not the complete reason why i'm pissed. today, i went to the postoffice just down the road, and asked where the hell do parcels get delivered if they don't make it thru the mailbox. they say that you get a slip asking you where you want it delivered. but, i didn't get that, so i asked them where do they usually get them delivered, they said sometimes to the postoffice, or sometimes to some sorting office. and then this brain-dead guy behind the counter told me to goto the royal mail sorting office all the way at the Cambridge station. so I walked like 2 miles to this place under drenching rain, and then the bitch at the counter told me to piss off because they didn't handle outgoing mail. they only receive things that are to be sent. (eg. they only serve people who hand over money!)

so i walked 2 miles to nowhere in heavy rain do get pointed to some spastic place that i couldn't get any server. fucking hell, so they pointed me to another branch that i should go to. fuck man. anyway, if you're going to send anything to england, you better use fedex or something, because their service is as fucked up as their rail system (which apparently 7 hour train delays are common!) so stop whinging australia.

end of rant :P

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