03 Nov 2002

its so boring

man cambridge is getting really boring. anyway, net access to the rest of the world got chopped off at 6pm on saturday night till around 11pm. pretty big outage. stopped me from downloading more crap from directconnect and opennap. during that time, i didn't do much, think i had dinner, watch ocean's eleven for like the fifth time and some futuruama. apparently there are going to be new futurama episodes soon !! so i'm really happy! anyway, ocean's eleven's sound track is really cool, funky jazz stuff. i've downloaded most of the soundtrack off opennap, but i reckon its good enough to buy. its only around 9.99 (pounds) (i've gotta get my keyboard remaped so i can type the pound sign.)

anyway, i went over to the other side of town today, did a little bit of shopping around. there wasn't much over at the other side of town, known as Grafton. there was like a mini department store, think of it as like your Wing-On in HK or like your Peter's of Kensington in Sydney :) boring really, nothing much except for some expensive cutley and some christmas shopping. couldn't find anything that i want, except for a lamp shade for my light, but they were out of stock (couldn't blame them coz it was only 2 pounds.)

all i ended up doing was buy some candy (and chupachups), and some cheap frozen food .. mmmm .. i don't think i'll be starving for the next 2 weeks. i was gonna shop for a bike today, but it seemed like a long walk, and on sundays, i doubt that walk would of been worth it.

on the geek side of things, i completed my first gtk2 app to record the papers that i've read, indexing them in a python pickled object. don't know if it'll release it or not because its a little lame. but glade and python are one of the coolest tools to do gui. in other news, i'm polishing up my Gentoo query tool called etcat. its name is a cunning combination of me and teresa's initials :) what it does it automates some common tasks that adminsitrative obsessive people like me whoc keep on updating their machines will need, like checking changelogs, playing with use variables, etc. you won't really understand unless you're a Gentoo user.

anyway, thats about all that i have to say for today - thanks for reading :)

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