04 Nov 2002

bras in the south

btw, "bras" is what male supermodels use instead of "bros". (from zoolander). i ventured down to the south of the town today to look for bikes, and found the poorer section of the cambridge town. the shops looked more grotty and more hobos hung out around there. anyway, stuff there is really much cheaper than the city centre. i mean even the salvation army has a store down there!

anyway, to my suprise, i discovered a couple of asian food stores, eg, like your asian grocery store in chatswood, hurstville or chinatown (sydney). kinda happy to actually hear someone speak cantonese in the damn place!

bikes are also much cheaper down there, and its not that much further down south. the same bike cost 100 pounds a bit further north cost 69 pounds just south of the railway tracks .. how bizzare! 30 pounds for crossing a bridge. anyway, i think i will get a bike, it seems to be a important mode of transportation around cambridge, especially now that the lab is moving to like 2 miles from where i live.

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