06 Nov 2002

involved with _another_ webpage

man .. i've spent the whole of today fixing and migrating the new lab webpage to the web server and i've wasted heaps of time (prob 6 hours) fixing up glitches on it. i'm so tired from all that, but this time its actually a pretty good solid webpage with some very neat object orientation. (although i kinda broke alot of it while hacking around with a booking system.)

anyway, i just wanted to bitch about someone i'm calling Mr. Stinky. he's the cleaner for the apartments that i live in. for some reason, he smells of smoke and sweat everyday. and it fucking stinks up my room all the time. every morning he'll come busting thru my door while i'm sleeping and then stink up my room. i really hate both the first and the latter part. last night i locked my door so he couldn't bust in with his master key this morning .. and he still tried to do it, even though it was obvious that i was locking myself in. anyway .. enough bitching today :)

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