07 Nov 2002

wiki and web site slowness

hrmm .. for some reason, the server is getting slower and slower .. i can't put my finger on why its happening. i've tried to introduce the Zend Optimizer but it doesn't seem to help. so for some of the more intensive part of the site, i've started to move things over to my free host on the Uni. of Cambridge Student Run Computing Facility. the bunch of guys there run a bunch of debian woody machines and provide anyone with a cambridge account free hosting space (100MB). they won't host your mail or anything, but they can host your domain if you like. thats what i might do. i've got also an mysql database there, so things are running quite good.

if you goto http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~acnt2/ you'll notice that there is just a beta replica of this site. its basically my playground to do beta stuff to drupal. but if the performance of this web server contniues to go down the drain, then i'll be forced to move my whole site over there, which is kinda annoying.

anyway, the wiki has moved over there, and clicking on the wiki link will lead you to the wiki hosted on ucam.org. neat eh?

thats about it. happy web surfing

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