12 Nov 2002

all your base are belong to google

google is pretty neat. there are hours to be lost playing with google. firstly, there are the official features such as news.google.com, images.google.com (don't tell me you haven't tried switching off the smut filter!). and there are specific searches like unsw specific searches and cambridge specific search. and then there's the almighty newsgroup searches.

and theres more, of course theres are the special features such as translating your searches, telling you the top searches this month and much much more.

then there is the hacking of google such as finding the most linked sites on the net, search for music . not to mention it corrects your typos like ww.google.com or www.gogole.com.

and then there are the time wasting sites like elgoog and google whacking (the process of combining 2 words to produce only a single result - its apparently a geek sport.), and google fight!

not to mention actualy sites built around critisiing and reviewing google results (here and here). anyway .. as a thought, since when did you start to say "why don't you just google for it?" google is so popular its become a verb.

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