15 Nov 2002

things and all

its the end of the week, a couple of interesting things have happened. firstly, i've just been to the new lab we're moving to. it's called the william gates building (computer lab) and its right next to microsoft research (figures.) we're also pretty close to intel research, but thats about all that we're close to. its ridiculously far from everything else in the middle of nowhere. oh well, the price you pay for space. the place is huge, i've got some photos of it, but i still haven't finished coding the bit to put photos up, i might just do it using one of the page nodes for the moment, because this situation is getting fairly ridiculous.

another thing that deserves a mention is while using and abusing the college network connection, i came along some streaming videos from the SCALE (southern california linux .. something or another), with talks by geeks. they were mostly normal, i liked the guy who worked at special effects the most. but the end panel discussion was frightenly hilarious. there were the typical business dudes from sun, french dude from mandrake (mandrake linux is french or something) and some debian guy who looks like santa!!

on other news not related to me, rhonda has got a weblog here. apparently she wants people sign the guestbook ... i haven't done it obviously .. hehehe

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