19 Nov 2002

my vaio going downhill

sigh ... as usual, what happens to vk's vaio usually happens to mine 3 months later. anyway, the same symptoms that he had with the vaio losing power and the power plug being loose is happening to my vaio. for the whole of yesterday and today, my vaio has been on and off, and even to the point there it just couldn't turn on.

so tonight i broke it open and tried cleaning inside. suprisingly, some of the screws were loose inside, even though i'm sure the last time i opened it they were tightened.

anyway, after doing that, it tdidn't improve the situation at all (eg, my laptop still wouldn't turn on.) so i started playing with the power socket and plug, and sure enough, the contacts were very dodgy. i tried to scrape some of the oxidation off the contacts but that didn't seem to be the problem. it looked like the contacts were out of place and hence not really touching. so i went to it with some tweezers/pliers, and now it looks like its working. god, i can't believe sony would make such a crap power plug for this laptop!!

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