23 Nov 2002

lab stuff

been a bit quiet for the last 2 days because i was pretty busy. got tied up doing alot of website crap for the LCE website. mainly porting all the old publications from the now-defunct AT&T Research Cambridge site. that was such a tiresome job, especially the manual labour part. alot of the crap i couldn't automate because it would of taken me more time fixing the bugs, and i would of had to go thru it manually anyway. for what its worth, it took me till 3am to finish it, well considering i was doing it from 1pm to 7pm, went home for 3 hours and came back to the lab at around 10pm and worked until 3am. at least that go me in the mood to work more. i had a couple of things to fix up today, but those were pretty minor.

besides that, i watched alot of clips from The Daily Show (link later) from the Comedy Central cable station. They are so bloody funny, they spoof stories and interview guests really unconventionally.

anyway, the other cool thing that happened today, was that i finally fixed sound on my Intel i845 (D845GRG) motherboard with an Analog Device 1981A sound chip. All I needed was ALSA version greater than 0.9.0rc3. I got it from FreshRPMS and recompiled it for Redhat 7.3 and it worked instantly. so awesome! too bad the built in speaker in the monitor is a piece of shit. even the headphones out is fscked. so now i can finally listen to music on my lab machine :P

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