23 Nov 2002

more weekend web bludges

another installment of weekend web bludges. this time we've got:

  • GooglePeople - the opposite of Googlism. You type in a "who is" question like, "who is liquidx?" or "who is the president of united states?" and it should answer you. you can of course play with it with things like "who is god?" etc etc...
  • How to write a complaint letter - a very good example of how to write a complaint letter to your telephone company.
  • Origami Boulder Company - the ultimate in paper folding - complete with customer feedback.
a little bit dry on content this week, i'm trying to find out a p2p distribution of bookmarks, maybe someone's done it before .. but i think that something like sharing bookmarks can only work on a very small scale, anything bigger then you'll need to automate filtering and rating.

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