30 Nov 2002

good weekend everyone


haven't written much on my webpage for the last couple of days. been busy with all sorts of bits and pieces. most notably, i've been slaving away with 2 pet projects of mine. one is playing around with 3d stuff and CORBA, and the other is writing my own ICQ library purely in python. the first thing is to get access to the LCE Bat system from python, so i'm using omniORBpy to do just that. still learning the ropes on CORBA right now though. the second thing is writing my own ICQ library. this is pretty fun, but daunting, and now i know how fucked up the ICQ protocol is. its a piece of shit to parse, with bits of the AIM protocol, and bits of the old ICQ protocol here and there. hacked on together with total stupidity.

other things of note, mozilla and galeon both released new versions this week. i've got mozilla-1.2_beta running with galeon 1.2.7 coz gentoo hasn't released an ebuild for mozilla 1.2 yet. but i'm already seeing the cool features of 1.2, the neat type-ahead search thing is KING! you have to try it if you get your hands on mozilla 1.2 or anything based on that. surfing the net on your keyboard just got a whole lot easier. also, i battled with this weird bug tonight and found that procps-3.x.x (procps includes /bin/ps which lists all your running processes under linux/unix variants) was rather screwed and had bugs parsing the running times of my processes. so 1minute in real world time equated to 5 minutes in its own fairy land. took me a while to find out it was that which was causing problems, which had reprecussions with CORBA, Galeon and Evolution on my laptop.

on the non-geeky news front, we're gonna be moving labs next week, so i guess i won't be getting much work done. its also the end of term here, so alot of the undergrads will be leaving! much more quiet at cambridge! yay!

anyway, i thinki've ranted on long enough. i'll spend some time to put up this week's web bludge tomorrow.


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