01 Dec 2002

python icq lib

haven't thought of a name yet for this library. but the good news is that after about 2-3 days of dedicated hacking, i've finally got the library into the state of being able to login, get online on the icq server and send/recv messages.

there's still alot of stuff to clean up, but the ICQ protocol is a bitch to write a parser for. its totally non-structured and seems to be thrown together by a bunch of half-assed programmers who could possibly of written to worst protocol in the world, and the worst interface in the world (the original ICQ client.) god knows why its currently the most popular im client in the world. (AIM is the most popular in america)

its about time i think of names for my library, any suggestions?

anyway, at the speed this is progressing, hopefully, i'll be turning my attention to the event system for my icq bot soon.

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