10 Dec 2002

should be sleeping, but bats are nocturnal ..

.. and i can't spell!

anyway, been installing bats at the new lab for the whole week, so suddenly, my weekend has been shifted over to monday! so here are some links i found just surfing the net today

  • irc server that represents multiple im protocols using a IRC interface! how cool. altho i don't really like the irc interface, even though i used it since 1996. cool nevertheless. if you only use icq, you should seriously consider micq, it is one of the coolest icq clients there are! and they come in the best form, console!
  • google recruitment - wanna work for the coolest search engine in the world? well, they want you!
  • mdadm review - really, i don't know much about RAID arrays and stuff, but its software written by Neil Brown, the guru back at CSE!
  • CSG Newsletter - pretty good read, too bad i can't make use of the Slades Wine of the Month :)
  • presidents lied!! omg, thats shocking news!!
  • glowing keyboard! - how cool is this! someone has got to make one for a laptop! c'mon, the ibook is so designed for that coolness!
  • network stats for cambridge uni - how cool is that corpus being 2nd on the list, boys and girls, continue the leeching! we must overtake trinity!
  • sony research - stuff with using a PDA is a mouse pointer. i think i'm gonna try getting a bat to become a desktop mouse. it could possibly work, if not extremely unresponsive and inaccurate :P
anyway, i am fucking disappointed at royal mail's complete lack of competence. i had mail sent to me on the 5th of December by registered post. they claim that they couldn't contact me at 9:05am, but i was in my room at that time!! they didn't even bother ringing the bell !! then i called them up to tell them to deliver to the postoffice next door. and i've been waiting for the past 4 days for that to happen. nothing! no mail! so i try to call them and their phone is off the hook, so i cycle 10 minutes to the hq, and they hadn't even registered the fact that i wanted them to send the mail else where!! WTF ! these fucking incompentent cock suckers!! i completely hate the screwed up mail system in UK! i mean even IP is more reliable than these screwballs.

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