14 Dec 2002

should sleep - but got things to think about

just finished taking a shower and waiting for my missing hair to dry .. yeah, what the hell happened to my hair? well, its all gone, i just cut it before teresa came over.


anyway, i was just reading this well designed blog (well, if you want to call it a blog, because its like a netwerk of sites loosely strapped into a blog) called #!/usr/bin/girl. its pretty interesting, let alone suprising that a girl (even asian) can spend so much time blogging. wtf! figures that shes a designer, go learn leslie!!

also, she seems to be a geek (or more genderised term - grrl) .. wonder what distro she uses? hahaha ..

i was also reading about J2ME (writing java progs for new java enabled phones like new nokias and sony-ericssons). very interesting, unfortunately, there isn't alot of tools on linux to develop with. i thought sun would at least try and port those tools to solaris and linux just to spite microsoft. anyways, there is a wireless toolkit (WTK) to play with, so i might try that out on linux.

also pondering whether i should go for a name change, after learning that liquidx is a DJ in belgium or something (WTF!) i swear i had this name first. liquidx is hard to pronounce, i was thinking of something thats an anagram of my current nick, or parts of it. must have less syllables than lee-kw-id-e-x. maybe something like xiql - dunno how you would pronounce it, maybe like see-quel (eg. SQL), or sickle .. sounds pretty catchy doesn't it? and its also an anagram of liqx, my alternate online alias when liquidx is taken. i also did a google to search to make sure the domain wasn't taken... am i serious about this or am i just playing around? i'll have to see what teresa thinks.

anyways, i shuld really sleep or else i'll never wake up tomorrow morning to catch the 4:10am bus to heathrow .. !!!

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