14 Dec 2002

sigh .. i fucked up my mozilla fonts

dunno whats wrong recently. i recompiled mozilla 1.2.1 so that i get the latest mozilla that doesn't leak memory in bucketloads and is rather more zippy. but for some reason, the XFT builds are fucking up my fonts. suddently, after my switch, all my good old font size 12 fonts are so tiny, they're unreadable.

now i've jacked up my font sizes to about 16px, and they're looking alright, except that the hinting on them is all screwed up. maybe i have to log out and log back in again. xft seems to be having some weird effect on these things. maybe i'll do the windoze thing and try logging out, and if that fails the all mighty reboot ..

enuff bs'ing, here's the weekend bludges

Note: I added 3 more links just in case .. heheh

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