14 Dec 2002

teresa on a plane right now

woohoo .. teresa is on a cathay pacific plane right now heading towards hong kong and then eventually getting to the damp shores of england!

although i have to get up real early in the morning to catch a bus to heathrow on sunday morning! but i'm still really exciting :)

anyway, now she'll see the dump that i live in and call home. hrmm.. that reminds me, i have to start cleaning. on the topic of cleaning, i think i'm still switched to some weird timezone. i tried sleeping at 12am last night but woke up at 10am in the morning (thats rather a long sleep.) and then today, i got really tired at about 5pm, so i slept for about an hour or so .. then now i'm suddenly full of energy and dun wanna goto sleep. i wonder whats wrong with my clock. i think i'm going to go crazy realy soon unless someone interoduces 36 hour days!

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