05 Jan 2003

europe, liquidx.net, teresa, mozilla fonts, links

its been a while since i posted to my own website. how sad is that. anyway, part of the reason was because my forms didn't render properly under ie!! wtf. anyway, i'm going to be switching to a newly designed theme soon, so hopefully it'll go away. i'm going back to my roots, using darker colours and more graphics, making this site less boring (how? maybe i should stop posting, that would make it less boring!)

anyway, the trip to europe was pretty fun! although a few bad things did happen, like teresa's bag being cut and us watching someone get pickpocket'ed on the rome subway. we did see sal and chris, which was pretty cool! we took loads of pics, i'll try and put those up very shortly.

i'm going to be upgrading liquidx.net and changing the layout. what will roughly happen is the breaking up of the site into discrete bits. i don't like the idea that one website is the one and all for me. so there'll be about 5 sections, each under a different engine but with the same look and feel. the main blog/diary/journal part will still exist here, but with a different look and feel. i'll break up the photo section to another website and writing my own photo display engine because all the current ones suck compared to what i've got in mind. also, my website has been used too much as my own personal portal, so i'm moving my portal off my front page to make it less cluttered, then i can have more cool stuff running on my portal like calender features, bookmarks etc. another section, which is in progress, is a profile section about me (because thats the most important thing my site lacks, any info about me) and also possibly some lists about whats hot and whats not, some pics of my friends etc. also i'll split the wiki to a different site (it actually already is) and also revamp the website stats, because seriously, stats is the sexist part of my site!

well, teresa went back to hk on the 2nd jan. miss her alot! although it was extremely fun having her here. she got lots of things for me, most of them mundane stuff that i've been too cheap to buy, like pots and pans, but also a cool jacket i'll be wearing thats heaps warmer than what i've got now. i can't wait to go back in july to see her.

i finally sorted out my mozilla fonts bizzareness. the problem seemed to have stemmed from the fact that freetype uses DPI settings to determine the size of the fonts. my vaio screen is 10.4" but it runs at 1024x768, which means its about 120dpi. however, the default dpi settings is only 75dpi, which means the freetype libraries were rendering it for the wrong size screen, hence the fonts looked ultra small. after forcing gdm to use the correct dpi settings, everything is looking normal again! yay! and btw, mozilla 1.2.1's textbox rendering is far better than 1.0, because it doesn't slow down to an unusable state if you've got over 1000 chars or soemthing.

ok, thats enough ranting for now. there's heaps of stuff i wanna write here, but i'm sure no one will read it. so how about some links for this weekend.

  • LazyWeb - if you're lazy but have an idea (mainly about websites), you can submit them here and maybe someone might implement it (and make heaps of cash). i'm sure i'll be checking this out once in a while for ideas!
  • shooting the messenger - because US's employment data sucks, so gw bush decides to axe the key statistic that tracks the number of layoffs in US. nice going, 1. censor bad news from citizens, 2.??, 3. Profit (or in this case, re-election)!!!
  • Google in Australia - quick, they're hiring people in Australia! I great chance to apply !! I so wish i was in Aust right now!
  • US violates Basic Human Rights - tell me something that i didn't know. apparently, US government is sending suspected terrorists to countries where torture is legal! WTF!
  • Doggles - not goggles for dogs! wtf!
  • dow jones chemicals are f**ked - first they poison 10000 people with a dodgy accident, then they sue the survivors!! go corporate america!

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