12 Jan 2003


theres been quite alot happening recently. haven't had much time to update stuff, but hopefully once things settle down, web-wise i'll continute to stream alot of updates etc.

anyway, the big news of the week is the apple macworld keynote speech where Apple released their new 12.1" Titanium PowerBook! How cool is that. The even cooler thing is that it is only 100US more expensive than the basic Sony Vaio SRX laptop that i was considering getting. however, i don't have any spare case to throw around, if i did i would get one of those babies immediately. the other cool thing thats got everyone talking is the new Apple browser Safari based on KDE's Konqueror. i'm actually impressed with how Apple is contributing to open source, like opening up its firewire stuff, then its rendezvous (zeroconf) and now contributing to an actual open source project.

in other news, my photo album site is nearly finished. i'm just going to refrain from putting it up until i get all the bits and pieces sorted out, especially with the IE compatibility. my new site, like this one, uses strict CSS and XHTML, but unfortunately, IE5 and IE6 doesn't like to play along with that. hopefully this will get resolved REALLY quickly. it is a small piece to the overhaul of my website for 2003. i'm also going to archive this site into the old.liquidx.net section as well soon.

another piece of tech, i've been writing an ICQ bot and suddenly its been bought to my attention that activebuddy owns a patent for any interactive bots on instant messenging service. how can that be?? what kind of lame patent is that. lucky i don't live in US :P i can't even believe the patent office gave that because IRC bots have been on the net for AGES.

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