22 Jan 2003

lots of python

for those who don't know, python is a programming language. anyway, i've been doing alot of work recently with it. actually its my favourite programming language so its expected.

anyway, the first thing is etcat, which is a utility (if i say tool, veekay will say something about it) that outputs information from the portage in some pretty format. i've just revised it to version 0.1.1 because of some bugfixes. so if you're using it, you might want to go get it.

the other thing i've been working on is a python interface to the SPIRIT system, which is the middleware stuff to gives the lab access to our active bat system. for those who don't know, active bat is a office-wide sensor system which is able to track a person (or sensor) to sub centimetre accuracy. anyway, i finally figured out what i had done wrong and its now usable. i'm writing up some much needed documentation so others in the lab can use it. i wonder if its a first year syndrome whether i'm absurdly trying really hard to document stuff, or is it just my style and not AT&T's style.

for some reason, alot of the projects from AT&T research have hardly any documentation. its kinda bizzare why that is. its like no one expected that it would closed down or even tried to deliberatly hid information from others, or just couldn't be bothered. anyway, i'm going to try and document all my projects properly because i know how hard it is to cope with the lack of doco.

apart from research work today, nothing much happened. i'm working on the shouts system of commenting on my page right now. so hopefully by the end of the day we'll get some commenting capability

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