22 Jan 2003

uk tv license!?

i'll try to keep posting one journal entry everyday just to keep people occupied and so i can vent some frustration and rant about particular things that is of interest to me and no one else. the fact that you are actually reading this is pretty bizarre. but i guess thats how blogs work

anyway, today i received a letter from the UK TV Licensing Organisation. for those who don't know, in UK, you have to pay a tax to watch TV. so get this, you buy a TV for like 100 pounds, and then you have to fork out 112 pounds (50 pounds for black and white) every year to keep using it. ok, i forgot to mention that blind people get 50% off - but so is it 50% off a colour tv or a black and white? does it make a difference to the blind guy?

getting back on topic, according to this letter, i am now "high priority" for a visit to see if i have a TV. the thing i don't get is, the TV license is only for me to watch TV, so if i buy a tv but use it exclusively to play PS2 or to watch dvds or vcrs, then they can't charge me. then what i do is just unplug my antenna cable every day, so when they come and BUST me, i can just say, nah, i just leave it hear to watch static, and they can do squat.

this is one of the stupiest licenses i've ever known. for more information goto http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/ (yes, its not even a government organisation - make me wonder if they're serious or not!

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