23 Jan 2003

commenting (shouting) system

i've partly reimplemented my 2001 site's commenting system. which is usually termed as shouting. i don't like the slashdot style/forum style commenting on small sites. especially when the blogs aren't too popular, there is no need to get everyone to register.

i'll clean up the code a bit and then release it once enough testing has been done. hopefully it'll be useful to other drupal sites where they think commenting is a bit too heavy handed. right now its called shout.module. i might make it also available as the every popular shoutbox style on the side.

there are a couple of downsides to this. firstly, the shouts require theme support to work, and of course, it only works on my theme. the other thing is i plan to use some javascript so the shouts come up default as hidden. i've tried pretty hard to not involve javascript on my site. hopefully i can find a way around it with CSS. we'll have to wait and see.

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