23 Jan 2003

shameless plug

woke up rather late today (well, ok 12pm) because i was coding the shout system last night. took a little longer than i thought, but all in all it was pretty easy. i should stop sleeping so late.

anyway, today i'm not really in the mood to go into the lab, so i figured i'll stay home and maybe go do some shopping. need to get some real food. btw, i had some really nice pizza last night. it only cost me 1 pound for this pepperoni pizza. it was big and thick, just right for todays struggling phd student. it was only 1 pound because of iceland's generous offer! i think i'm going to go get some more of those. uh oh, i'm starting to go back into the allegedly unhealthy oven food diet.

ok, enough boring stuff, so here's some more. if you didn't know, my etcat got plugged in the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter (20 Jan 2003). which is nice because its the first official thing i've ever released. and i kinda thought the utility was a bit outdated anyway. but i've had some encouragement from irc and via email. so i might pursue that a little later in the month.

anyway - i should actually get out of my pyjamas and have some lunch now, its already 2:21pm ..

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