25 Jan 2003

bathroom problems

if you didn't know already, i use a shared bathroom where i live in cambridge. its actually fine most of the time, except when some smelly guy goes in and for some reason the bathroom stinks of him (i'm pretty sure only a guy can smell like that) for the rest of the week.

anyway, there are a number of things that piss me off with sharing the bathroom with ignorant dicks, such as getting the bathroom and floor mat all wet. the shower is pretty sophisticated, like there's a door that seperates the wet area from the dry area. now, for some reason, there's this guy who has a disablility. he can't keep the dry area from turning into a wet area. so sometimes when i go into the shower, the floor is drenched and the floor mat is drenched as well. we all know that drenched towels tend to soak up some unpleasent smells. and thats probably where that stink comes from.

now, its not like me to bitch, but this guy has a serious problem. how the hell can he the whole bathroom wet and drenched while taking a shower. i've come up with a couple of theories:

1. his brain is missing. hence, there's a ditch in his skull, water collects on top of his head and when he comes out of the shower, bends over, and all the water spills all over the floor.

2. he's a sponge. i hate sponges. he soaks up all the water so that he's as fat as double-sausage, and then when he comes out the towel soaks up all the water, hence making the floor all wet.

3. he's afraid of ghosts. so he keeps the fscking door open when he showers, hence the whole floor is wet.

4. he doesn't know how to use a shower, so he uses the crapper to wash his hair.

and thats not it. after he gets everything wet all over the bathroom, he doesn't hang the soaked floor mat to dry it out. there's a fucking heater there for idiots like him who screw up to dry the towel. why doesn't he use it?

thats about all the ranting i can do for one day.

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