28 Jan 2003

snow, pygtk, web

didn't achieve much today as i was stuck bugfixing my ugly code as a demo app for the python bindings for SPIRIT i wrote. i'm thinking of rewriting the GUI side of things and using wxWindows and wxPython because of the ability to do cross platform porting REAL easily. the nightmares i've been having with pygtk really does warrant the switch. pygtk is nice and documented (oddly, the webpage doesn't link to it.) but the version i'm using under redhat (hey, not my choice) is pretty fucked up with threading. for some reason, my app would lose the ability to chuck expose events to draw the window after a random amount of time and events. i figured it might be something to do with a deadlock somewhere, even though i don't have much global state to depend on.

using wxPython would mean i have to learn a new way to do lists and pixmaps etc, but it would mean my app would instantly work on diff platforms like win32 or even mac os x (if only there was actually a mac osx box we could try on.) of course, thats all dependent on having omniORB working on those platforms too!

i also have to start writing the authentication and uploading bit to my picture gallery. i really don't like the idea of reimplementing the user authentication and permissions system that drupal has got nailed down so well. i'm thinking of writing a stub module in drupal to allow advanced remote authentication and authorisation. that means i could remotely authenticate a user and be able to figure out if it has permissions to upload or edit photos. all the gallery side needs to do is store the cookie state on a local db table and now have to worry about perms.

it seems like a good idea in my head, but i wonder if it'll be alright in code. other bits i'll have to start worrying about is uploading and filtering files. i need to apply a imagemagick filter to get filesizes down, extract photo date and dimensions from exif headers (if any). this should be too hard since php is supposed to have exif capabilities.

to wrap up, something thats non-geeky. it snowed today for no apparent reason for about 30 minutes even though it was a pretty fine day. bizzare.

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