29 Jan 2003


there are only a couple of sites i visit regularly everyday without fail. slashdot (do i really need to link this one?), theregister (tech news with sarcasm), wired (cool web design, and leading edge commentary on tech-culture), footnotes (everything gnome-ish on my desktop), boingboing (bizzare collection of the more interesting articles on the net, daily), penny-arcade (comics about gamers - and funny blogs as well!) and recently, i've been reading some articles on salon.com. i mention salon.com, because i don't usually read them. most of their top content is under premium access (eg. you pay money.) however, recently, they've started to make that premium content available, as long as you click through 4 pages of mercedes ads. which is really cool i reckon, because we're forced to sit through heaps of ads on TV, and then we get programs that tv channels pay millions of dollars per episode for. but on the web, all we get are banner and pop up ads, which only annoy the shit out of us. clicking through 4 pages of ads is annoying, but not as annoying as the "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS NOT OPTIMIZED" or "YOUR COMPUTER IS BROADCASTING AN IP ADDRESS" (wtf!).

i hope this style of advertising catches on. i wouldn't mind clicking though a couple of pages and getting access to a days worth of well written articles by intelligent people.

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