30 Jan 2003


man! its actually snowing here in cambridge right now. my hands are frozen right now, cant move them properly to type. but i'm just really excited. iwent out and took alot of pics, hope they come out well, but i left my usbcable in the lab, so i wont be able to u/l them till at least tomorrow!

i went out and built a mini snowman, but now its really snowing hard, i hope my snowman survives. its actually really horrible, although very pretty. my hands are frozen dead cold, even after wearing gloves. the ground is really icy. the pavements melt the snow and it turns into ice because of how much snow is packed together. however, the plentiful grass fields in cambridge are all white.

i couldn't bear the snow anymore outside. my toes were getting cold and my hands still can't type on a keyboard properly. anyway .. i'll take some more pics later in the arvo to see how much has fallen! according to weather.com, it feels like -6C outside. it feels like a bloody freezer.

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