31 Jan 2003

snow!! (part 2)

well, snow continued to fall through out the day yesterday. i built another snow man outside my flat last night, and to my suprise, it was still there this afternoon !! and people actually improved it by giving it a mouth! i took some good pics of it. i need to get to the labe to upload them

anyway, while i was taking the photo, a dog walked past and eat one of its eyes .. hehe .. i think someone put another back or something because after i went out shopping, it actually looked better than before!

the ground is really slippery after the snow melts and turns into an combination of ice and water. its like walking with normal shoes on an ice rink. i actually wore my cat boots outside because those are the only shows that have some sort of grip and protection to my feet. after going to the shops and back, i was really tired. it takes about 3-4 times more concentration to walk on the icy pavement than normal. you'd be interested to know, more than half the shops in cambridge have been closed, because people couldn't sanely or safely get to work on the icy roads. i reckon those people who are driving on the road are pretty crazy to say the least. sainsbury (the supermarket) was totally packed. i don't really understand why because theres a totaly lack of supplies there because of the weather. no bread, no mushrooms and no onions. however, they have alot of eggs which they don't normally do even in good weather. go figure.

also, getting back home, my toes were pretty frozen when i got back, probably because of the steel cap on my cat boots. i think its colder the day after snowing than it is when it snows.

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