01 Feb 2003

happy cny!

kung hei fat choy! well .. happy chinese new year. although it totally doesn't feel like anything special. maybe i should take a shower or something to celebrate.

haven't done much for the last two days. tried to do some debugging with something called wxPython which is bugging the hell out of me. it doesn't seem to work well with GTK2. also doing some bug fixing and contributing to drupal, the engine which my website currently runs under.

i've been listening to alot of wa wa wa on hk radio. you have to pay a really cheap subscription, but its well worth it (shh... and its not even my subscription!) its incredibly funny, especially the last couple of episodes where the 3 guys is having a competition to see how many girls want to go out with them. the funny thing is that they keep on talking like mainlanders trying to speak cantonese. heaps funny. its like the reverse of what us honkies try and do when we speak mandarin!! now i know why ppl look at us weird when we try and do that! coz its so damn funny!

anyway, thats it for now. al out.

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