01 Feb 2003

updates to my page(s)

first up, i've updated the stats page. now it will updated at 1am (sydney time) every night with some new juicy stats. notice the incredible traffic hit i got in january this year, mainly referrals from Gentoo's newsletter and various other places.

next up, i've been doing some serious drupal coding, and come up with a slashdot-like recent posts box on the side. right now its only up to 10 posts because i don't want it getting out of hand. also, on the backend side, i'm doing some stuff with xmlrpc so i can remotely use all the cool features in drupal's user module for my photo gallery.

and finally, just small tweaks here and there, with certain comment links making their way back to the main node displays.

all that from the last two days i've had to stay home because of the weather.

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