02 Feb 2003


i just came across mplayerplug-in today which is a plugin for mozilla (and its deriviatives) to play movies embedded in a webpage using mplayer. that means i can finally view quicktime, wmv and other exciting formats using my browser. i can choose to make it pop up a window using gmplayer (gui mplayer) if i like.

i just started to test this out on the japander site i just talked about and also the apple site. started scouring through apple.com for interviews and quicktime movies. and i'm happy to report that it works flawlessly on everything i've tested. gonna go onto the movie trailers soon. it even plays windows media player mms:// streams

btw, i got brainwashed by apple's powerbook and ipod infomecials!!! and theres mini-me and that chinese nba basketball player in a powerbook ad too!!

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