02 Feb 2003

space shuttle lost

hasn't been a good chinese new year so far. the space shuttle columbia disintegrated on re-entry today, on chinese new year. pretty shocking stuff. i heard about it when i was just about to leave for the supermarket at 3pm (GMT). i just decided to do a little web bludging before i went, and so i visited news.bbc.co.uk, and there it was, the first story on the page. i ended up spending another 45 minutes watching BBC 24 live coverage over the internet and searching various news sites such as slashdot, cnn, an most importantly news.google.com. althoughm for some bizzare reason, the picture next to the space shuttle story was a picture of saddam hussein!! wtf!

anyway, in other uninteresting news, snow has finally started to melt and go away in cambridge. its been a fine day. i saw some big snowballs in the field which seem to be remenants of some huge snowmans! my snowman has melted and gone away.

i've also made significant progress on the web front to getting photo uploads to work. today, i got the remote authentication working, on my photo album and adding/editing collections and groups. i just have to implement the file upload and filtering functions, which shouldn't be a problem and hopefully we'll have a functional contributory photo album tomorrow.

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