03 Feb 2003

why file sharing is not evil.

i've been reading this article on salon.com about file sharing and whether it really is a bad thing. anyway, it referenced one of my favourite articles on wired magazine recently. here's a little quote from it:

"As a member of the Consumer Electronics Association, Sony joined the chorus of support for Napster against the legal onslaught from Sony and the other music giants seeking to shut it down. As a member of the RIAA, Sony railed against companies like Sony that manufacture CD burners. And it isn't just through trade associations that Sony is acting out its schizophrenia. Sony shipped a Celine Dion CD with a copy-protection mechanism that kept it from being played on Sony PCs. Sony even joined the music industry's suit against Launch Media, an Internet radio service that was part-owned by -- you guessed it -- Sony. Two other labels have since resolved their differences with Launch, but Sony Music continues the fight, even though Sony Electronics has been one of Launch's biggest advertisers and Launch is now part of Yahoo!, with which Sony has formed a major online partnership. It's as if hardware and entertainment have lashed two legs together and set off on a three-legged race, stumbling headlong into the future."

hope i don't get sued for this .. but this is how ironic Sony US is. suing itself over and over again. i so wish they made an mp3 player than didn't suck ass! please make an ipod sony!! anyway, this is an excellent and insightful read, its even worth the click through ad on salon.com. and to cap off, they talked about the bottled water industry:

That industry is the bottled water industry. Bottled water is a growth market. But common sense would indicate that when water is virtually free (i.e., tap water) that people wouldn't want to pay $1 for 16 oz. of water. Yet, most of us frequently do just that. Why? Because it is convenient and because we have been persuaded that it is safer, more pure, that it is "better" water. Convenience becomes necessity, belief becomes profit.

that is what all the music companies don't see .. sighh ...

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