04 Feb 2003

warez on google

i've talked about this before ... but i'll talk about it again. RIAA/MPAA should go and shutdown google. guys, search for "warez" in google will only give you crap pop-up hell. BUT, you can search for MP3s with ease. there are a number of keywords you need to use for this method to be effective.

for example, i wanted to download some hkpop songs because its been a while since i've listened to any. so i search using:

"index of /" apache mp3 site:.hk

and sure enough, there are alot of people who have public mp3s for me to download, with many sites letting me download at more than 100KB/s. now, if that wasn't enough, i even found some guy who had Monsters Inc. available to download!! WTF 2 VCDs!!

say you want a particular artist (i cringe everytime i say that word - these hkpop ppl keep on calling themselves ARTISTS. sigh), say "eason chan". no problems, just wack eason in your query like so:

"index of /" apache eason mp3 site:.hk

using this method, you can screw boxup and friends with their paid mp3 wh0ring or dismal download speeds.

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