05 Feb 2003

writings you should read

well, to be honest, since starting my research work, i've been reading much more than i used to. i think its this mindset that i must absorb, like a sponge, everything that i can. although, i think i've been targetting the wrong stuff. i think i should be reasing research papers instead of people's blogs and journalistic rants. but unfortunately, the boredom level of research papers requires me to read 1 part research article to 4 part random article.

so here are a couple of interesting things i've just read. confessions of a terrorist is one of the initial articles that started the suspicion that US was going for oil more than anything, and that in fact, US is the biggest collector of weapons of mass destruction. a very interesting read. but of course, take things that it says with a grain of salt unless there is evidence backing it up. then again, i agree mostly with what it says.

the other interesting tidbit, is this short anonymous post written in 2000 about the adventures of jon the DVD hacker. he got sued by MPAA thru the swedish court systems and idolised as some pioneer of digital rights. but in this article he's portrayed as a liar and blatantly steals GPL'ed code. read on for the ending on how DeCSS was eventually released!

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