06 Feb 2003

gnome2 desktop is sweet and simple

its been about 3-4 days since i gnome2.1'ifed my desktop at work. which is really awesome because:

1. my pentium four two point four gigahertz rockz!
2. my box has enough power to run everything anti-aliased!
3. galeon2 kicks ass (well .. not really)

anyway, theres a couple of issues i want to bring up. firstly, gnome2 is a fine piece of desktop. i'm really considering ditching Eterm for gnome-terminal because it has (a) tabs, (b) transparency and (c) anti-aliased fonts. now, using this with my favourite mono-spaced fonts, Lucida Console, the terminal absolutely rocks. i need to post some screen shots with it side by side with Eterm. however, thats only gonna be on my work box, because my puny vaio is never gonna be able to run all this anti aliasing cruft (although, my mozilla uses Xft).

the other thing, about galeon2 rocking! yes! its very cool and slick. i'm using it right now on my laptop. well, technically, i'm doing the anti-aliasing on my laptop and display, and my work box does all the rendering grunt work. it makes browsing so much more pleasant! thats galeon 2 in action on the screenshot on the left. however, one side nore, the lead developer, macro from galeon parted ways with the galeon team because he was constantly flamed for removing preferences in galeon2 compared to galeon1. so he's now started epiphany, which is not released yet. it NEEDS bleeding edge CVS mozilla nightlies to compile. so i haven't been able to try it yet, but it looks promising. it looks like the gnome dudes are seriously considering using it as their flagship browser as opposed to galeon and mozilla.

other thing is i've got this curse. the curse where you spend time tweaking your installation so you're on the bleeding edge software, and then someone turns arounds, notices that you've just installed the latest software, and decide to release something new. gnome2.2 got released today, i've still got gnome2.1.2 (or whatever its codenamed) running. oh well, luckily combined with the power of P4 and garnome, i should be running gnome2.2 in no time!

totally unrelated, but i finally figured out to transfer my gpg keys from my laptop to the work account.

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