08 Feb 2003

fucked up sleeping patterns

my sleeping patterns have been screwed up majorly. currently, i goto bed at around 4:00am and then wake up at around 12:00pm. Go to the lab at around 2pm and then work until about 12:00am .. tonight i stayed till around 2:30am because i was working on some stuff on my ipaq. oh well, don't have any solution to this right now. hopefully it'll fix itself over the weekend where i'll take it easy and only go in for a little while.

having my current sleeping patterns make me realise a couple of things. the only thing remotely interesting is that the building does some sort of readjustment at 4am in the morning. things start to move around and stuff. like in my room, my heater will make strange noises for around 10 minutes, like someone's banging on it. and then the clock that never runs outside my door next to the stair case suddenly starts to move, it never usually works. i wonder if there's something more sinister at work. its currently 3am, so we'll see if it happens tonight again, its been happening all week afaik.

there hasn't been much to link and talk about this week. partly because i haven't been web-bludging as much.

al out

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