10 Feb 2003

sleep deprived

my sleeping patterns have been fucked up recently. i was awake between 2am-9am this morning and only slept a couple of hours between 10pm-1am and 10am-12pm ..

anyway .. i'm hella tired right now and its about 11pm, so hopefully i'll sleep like a baby and fix my screwed up clock.
some funny stories i've seen, CSI effect is making the prosecutors job harder because people expect more ... hehe .. bludgers!

oh the geeky front. i just found out there are a bunch of people like me trying to get Gentoo/ARM happening. i'll try and quickly finish my mini-portage system so that people can have a look at that and work on integrating some ideas into portage.

oh yeah, and i'm playing with GStreamer. its a very cool architecture and very well designed. i'm going to try and write a minimalistic gnome2 based mp3 player, like liteamp, but better.

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