12 Feb 2003

power outage this morning

well, i woke up abnormally early this morning because of a cambridge-wide power outage. i was planning to wake up early, but not as early as 8:30am (yes .. i live a blessed life.)

it wouldn't of bothered me much, but there's a fire alarm control box right outside my room, and it went off beeping persistantly trying to let me know it spotted a fault. and so i couldn't get to sleep with this thing beeping, so i decided to go piss and take a shower. but i couldn't because the power was out - duh - and there prob wouldn't be any hot water ..

pretty pathetic i reckon .. the power came back on an hour later .. i was thinking of whether to rescue my supplies in the freezer if it hadn't come on any longer. but then, the microwave wouldn't of worked.

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