15 Feb 2003


hey .. if you don't know what Gentoo Linux you can stop reading now. anyway, i'm now, nearly an official Gentoo Developer. why nearly? because i'm not yet really a developer, but i've got a neato @gentoo.org address. hopefully i'll be able to contribute back more to the distro i love (oh that sounds so soppy - i blame valentine's day).

anyway, hopefully i'll get full access soon so i can start enter with a bang .. or maybe not.

oh and another thing, i took some pictures of some ducks today walking cautiously on the frozen pond near the lab. it looked funny when they walked, but it was too far away to take a video. it woulda just looked like 2 pixels. so i took a pic, which was still small. its time like these i wish i had a camera with zoom! like teresa's!

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