16 Feb 2003

what are politicians?

man .. is john howard (pm of aust) an idiot or what? around 400K protesters turned out this weekend in australia (250K in sydney, 100K in adelaide, 100K in brisbane) to protest against war. and ffs, those are police estimates, not some numbers made up by the protest organisers! and then this joke of a politician turns around and says that we won't be swayed by public opinion! look, you're a politician, how can you not be swayed by public opinion. public opinion is what got you that fucking job in the first place. for once, i agree with Simon Crean on this (and only this one time.)

anyway, for more organised war protests in australia, head over to antibases.org. apparently, if war does break out, you should gather at 5pm at Sydney Town Hall. I don't know what you would do there, maybe have a picnic or something.

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