19 Feb 2003

what i've been up to

i haven't been updating my page as frequently as i did the last couple of weeks. mainly because i got a little idea on a phd topic, so i'm pursuing that with a bit more "umph!" (technical term). also, i've been busy learning the ropes to gentoo development. i've been trying to be ultra careful, yet productive. hopefully, i haven't screwed up badly in my commits. i'm trying to dwindle down all the bugs i have open and then focus on getting rid of some old icky bugs in the system.

i also spent a couple of hours hacking a ulogd plugin that would summarise the individual network traffic streams (TCP/UDP/ICMP) into a nice readable logfile, that would be useful for later parsing. its very cool, imo, and i'll release it very shortly as GPL (eg. open source). i wrote this because i couldn't find anything lightweight and STABLE that i could use. i tried ulog-acctd, which got the byte values all wrong (i still haven't figured out why yet) and ntop is way too heavy weight. the goal of this is to deploy it on my laptop and on my webserver, write a couple of python scripts to generate some pretty html to show the amount of traffic for each service i run, and where that traffic comes from. so for example, i could tell if my webserver was generating more incoming traffic or if the mail server was.

the other thing i got working, is usermode-linux. this is running a linux kernel inside another linux kernel. its pretty neat, kinda like VMWare but for linux only. trouble is, after all that, its actually very slow. i'm getting performance of something like a celeron 333 on my p4 2.4GHz when i'm running it. seems like a painful way to do any useful development work on it. of course, i followed the Gentoo Usermode-Linux guide (which i'll be submitting some corrections to, when i get around to it.)

anyway, so thats it. hopefully i'll have more interesting news later.

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