22 Feb 2003

this week in review

haven't accomplished much this week. i got my ipaq build stuff more polished up and gradually adding more and more functions to it. i'm pretty close to getting it automatically build an image, which is neat, especially when its all in shell script.

on the other front, i'm slowly easing into Gentoo Linux development. right now i'm just concentrating on bugzilla, but hopefully this weekend i'll do some coding. i'll have to see if i have the energy tonight or tomorrow.

otherwise, its just been pretty quiet. i went down to the bookstore (borders) and got two "Chuck Palahniuk" books, the author of Fight Club. I got Fight Club and Survivor. Hopefully I'll enjoy them, they weren't cheap .. :) i'll be upgrading my website to use clean urls very soon. hopefully this will work out. i haven't done much to my site, which is probably for the better since otherwise i'll have a real lack of time.

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