07 Mar 2003

hello! i'm still alive!

i haven't updated the page in a while because i've been busy with other stuff, mostly programming and gentoo dev'ing. i haven't spent much time on my website recently, so from that you would know that there isn't any exams or what not coming up.

anyway, been trying to get some research shit done, but can't seem to kick myself into the right mood for it. also, web access died horribly from the engineering dept tonight, so i tried to post something more interesting earlier in the night and failed miserably!

well, there hasn't been much rain for the past 2 weeks. not that its a bad thing, but uncharacteristically dry over here... wonder why!

well, i'm sleepy .. so maybe i'll post more coherently in the morning. btw, i've nearly finished reading chuck palaniuk's fight club. very interesting. i like the scren adaptation a bit more than the book. but the novel is very deep. because of the deja-vu stuff. you read a section and it really feels like you've read it before!

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