17 Mar 2003


its been a while since i posted to my site. i've just been really busy and out of it for the past week. i think the last week hasn't been good to me at all, so i hope this week will be better.

firstly, right now i'm have a splitting headache. i'm not sure what it is, maybe its just my screwed up sleeping patters wrecking havoc on me. but it should hopefully subside soon. so today, i'm not planning to go into the lab, i think i'll be alright walking around, but i'm not sure if i'll survive cycling around for 20 minutes to the lab (yeah, i cycle really slowly)

the past week was pretty much a non-event. i got some reading done, and working towards coming up with something i can show to my supervisor some ideas i've got. unfortunately, its about network protocols which is rather mundane and uninteresting.

i've also started reading Survivor by Chuck Palahnuik (also the author of Fight Club.) Fight Club was a really brilliant and smart book, its funny how it gives the reader a sense of deja vu, just how the character in the book keeps on feeling. Survivor is more of the same anarchy style story. its starting off pretty good. the brief gist of the story is that this guy has hijacked a plane, forced all the passengers off at another airport and allowed the pilot to parachute himself out of the plane. he plans to drive the plane to his death, but in the process, tell his life story to the black box, where people will REALLY listen. this is just like the character in Fight Club.

over in gentoo land, i've started to give my hands dirty in alot of things. i've pushed in new versions of galeon, evolution and mergeant. and i need to start moving along and cleaning up python ebuilds. i might do that this week as part of the major push to get everything stable.

i've also started writing my own gnome-applets to replace my aging gkrellm. i've just finished writing my vaio brightness applet that adjusts the brightness of my screen. now i'm going to write a mailbox checker applet that does IMAP/SSL amongst all the other protocols, and then finally i'll write one that does CPU, memory and network load in the way gkrellm does it. other projects i've got on hold are my icq bots (haven't touched that for ages) and my gnome2 mp3 player. oh, and i'm going to make another release of etcat and then incorporate that into gentoolkit soon.

theres not much else to summarise for the week now, i think i've just about covered it. oh yeah, i'm also now a sysadmin at srcf.ucam.org. i have to start getting into things. i've been reading all the docs for the past couple of days. unfortauntely, there's not much handholding happening :)

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